Constant Content has been going for many years – providing website content of every type. I have worked on articles, blogs and larger projects with a good level of success.

There are a couple of different ways of earning money here.

  1. Writing articles on topics of your own choosing to add to the catalogue. If it is interesting it will probably sell, I have had articles sell within an hour of upload, or a year later. Obviously the more articles you have listed, the higher chance of sales. This method can be hit and miss BUT content buyers are often prepared to pay a good amount per article.
  2. Writing content directly for the many requests listed by website owners. This means you write what they want, for the amount they want to pay. If they are not paying enough – don’t agree to write. However it can be a good way to make sales.
  3.  Join a larger projects. Every now and again large projects come up that can provide a run of high earnings. Maybe a new travel site needs thousands of listings written, easy writing for reasonable pay.

Now what you need to know about Constant Content is that your writing has to be accurate and with good grammar. You will need to use U.S. spelling of words (color not colour). If you are a good essay writer you will probably be good at writing website content. Read the writers guidelines very carefully, taking care to have correct grammar.

CC do take a good percentage of commission for themselves but you can still come away with good earnings. Monthly or fortnightly payments available to Paypal.

Sign up to Constant Content HERE

BEST THING: Potential for high earning

LESS GOOD: They require high writing standards, so proofread your work carefully.

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