Spare 5 is an interesting app/website where you can get paid for completing small tasks. They seem to be a legitimate, honest company who pay out to paypal every week (if you have earned $5 or more).

To start with you have to complete some qualifier tests, which should be fine as long as you read the instructions well. After that you may start doing tasks such as keyword tagging, image outlining etc, for a few cents at a time.

The tasks here are always changing depending on the work available. So you do get quiet weeks and busy weeks. Spare 5 may seem low paying to start with but it adds up as the weeks go by. As you gain experience you get access to higher paying tasks.

The format is clean and easy to use, and the community forum is very active if you need advice. Most tasks need to be completed on a computer. You might find yourself refreshing the page regularly to get the good tasks before others do.

Overall not a bad way to earn some pocket money

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BEST THING: The weekly, low threshold payouts

LESS GOOD: Some tasks can be pretty low paying given the times spent on them


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