Crowdflower is a good ‘paid for small task’ website which offers a variety of tasks at a reasonable payrate. As you work your way up their level system you get access to more interesting and better paid tasks.

The format and presentation of the website is a little clunky, and appears to have not been updated for a while. When I first signed up for Crowdflower I saw the tasks on offer and thought that this might be a suitable competitor for Spare 5, and it does have the potential for good earnings.

It is usual to expect some test assignments/questions for these sorts of sites – of course they want to make sure you can follow instructions! However some of the test questions are quite hard to pass, even for someone like me who has been writing online for a while. A lot of these are based around searching for information on websites and comparing it with what Crowdflower has listed, or summarizing information presented etc.

If you fail, you are expelled from that particular task and if you pass you have a time limit in which you can continue the task. If you are interested, the best way to join Crowdflower is through Clixsense (who manage the whole process better) and let me know how you go. You could potentially earn quite a bit here.

Try Crowdflower here (through Clixsense)

BEST THING: Available worldwide with potential for good earnings. 
LESS GOOD: You need to be very accurate to get access to the  higher paying tasks.


Alternatively Try Spare 5 here  – they offer both app and website tasks and give you multiple chances to pass tests.



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